Financial Planning Solutions

Financial Planning Solutions

Financial Planning Solutions

Building, growing and maintaining your financial wealth requires careful planning. Tailored financial advice is the key to achieving financial security and independence. Our qualified financial advisers are experts who can help you navigate life’s uncertainties. Our holistic approach helps you to see the bigger picture.

At MyPlan, we believe that personal financial planning demands the accurate assessment of your immediate and future financial needs. Therefore, we undertake an intimate and intuitive understanding of the individual circumstances of you and your family to ensure that every eventuality is catered for, and that your long-term wishes, goals and objectives are honoured, right from the start.

Backed by facts and science, our advice is based on knowledge and hard-earned insight gained through years of experience, reinforced by our commitment to remain at the cutting edge of financial planning best practice. In providing you with pertinent financial advice, we utilise robust, tried-and-tested advising and decision-making processes, while our information is gathered through incisive analysis of in-depth investigation into financial markets, the economy and investments.

By putting your needs at the center of our business and bringing you solutions that are truly geared for the future, we help implement a tailored financial plan suited to the specific needs of you and your family – seamlessly and efficiently.


Making the most of your wealth is an important part of life. It’s a way to fund experiences, support your family and enjoy treasured moments. Our priority is to help you grow, protect, optimise and ultimately transfer your wealth so that you can do just that.

At Myplan, we are dedicated to deliver financial planning, investment and wealth structuring advice for the benefit of individuals and their families, graduate professionals, business owners and their employees.

From planning an investment strategy to help achieve your goals, insuring your everyday and specialist risk, to optimising your wealth through tax efficient structures, implementing a comprehensive estate plan or employee benefits solution for your business – our qualified advisers can assist with both your personal and business financial planning needs.


Integrated Lifestyle Financial Planning

At MyPlan, we offer no generalist solutions. We don’t sell you products that you don’t need, nor do we invest your hard-earned money according to your personality or appetite for risk. Through integrated lifestyle financial planning, we shift the focus from planning for your money to planning for you.