20 12, 2021

Succession: Transferring your wealth to the next generation

Dec 20th, 2021|Estate, Trusts, Wills|

Succession planning should take place holistically and with a view of your entire estate – both local and offshore – to ensure that no [.....]

27 11, 2021

New SARS approvals on purchasing an annuity at retirement

Nov 27th, 2021|At-Retirement Planning, For Retirement, Investing, Retirement, Tax|

Binding General Ruling (BGR) 58 (issued under section 89 of the Tax Administration Act 28) is now final. It follows the withdrawal of GN 18 [.....]

25 11, 2021

The many functions of an estate plan

Nov 25th, 2021|Estate, Trusts, Wills|

A person’s estate is made up of all the assets and liabilities they’ve accumulated during their lifetime and, although estate planning is often perceived [.....]

16 11, 2021

Key decisions to be made at retirement

Nov 16th, 2021|At-Retirement Planning, For Retirement, Investing, Retirement|

The stress that inevitably comes with formal retirement is often exacerbated by the sheer number and complexity of critical decisions that need to be [.....]

26 10, 2021

Preservation Funds: Pre-Retirement Investment Vehicles

Oct 26th, 2021|For Retirement, Investing, Pre-Retirement Planning, Retirement|

Preservation funds are specifically designed to preserve accumulated capital which is intended for retirement and make an attractive option for those leaving employment through [.....]

19 10, 2021

Choosing a Living Annuity: What you need to know

Oct 19th, 2021|Investing|

Before purchasing a living annuity, it is important to fully understand what you are signing up for. When retiring from your pension, provident, preservation [.....]

20 09, 2021

Different ways you can save for education

Sep 20th, 2021|For Education, Investing|

From unit trusts to tax free plans, here are the different ways for families to save for education. In today’s modern world, you’re faced [.....]

10 09, 2021

Trusts in the current South African environment

Sep 10th, 2021|Estate, Trusts|

A trust can be described as a legal relationship that’s created when one person (known as the founder, donor or settlor) places assets under the control [.....]

10 08, 2021

Leaving a legacy: The importance of a last will and testament

Aug 10th, 2021|Estate, Wills|

Even in this day and age, many people in the country do not have a legally valid will when they pass away. This means [.....]

6 08, 2021

Preservation funds: Your questions answered

Aug 6th, 2021|Investing, Retirement|

What is a preservation fund? A preservation fund is a retirement fund and, as such, falls within the auspices of the Pension Funds Act and [.....]

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