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302, 2022

Nine things you may not know about retirement annuities

Feb 3rd, 2022|Investing, Retirement Annuity|

We’re all familiar with the term ‘retirement annuity’ and the significant tax benefits associated with this type of investment vehicle, but there are some lesser-known details and benefits about RAs that all investors should know about. 1. You can transfer your insurance RA to a unit trust platform If [.....]

302, 2022

Severe Illness Cover: Your questions answered

Feb 3rd, 2022|Critical Illness, Insurance|

Products are now more comprehensive, increasingly complex, and somewhat difficult for the layperson to understand. Also known as critical illness cover, living health insurance or dread disease cover, this type of insurance is a lumpsum cover that is paid to the insured on the diagnosis of a severe illness. [.....]

302, 2022

Structuring contingent liability insurance

Feb 3rd, 2022|Contingent Liability Cover , Insurance|

Many business owners therefore have to sign surety on behalf of their businesses at some point. While this reality is something business owners have to live with, it is risky to sign surety without contingent liability insurance. At worst, it can place the personal estate of the business owner [.....]

2012, 2021

Succession: Transferring your wealth to the next generation

Dec 20th, 2021|Estate, Trusts, Wills|

Succession planning should take place holistically and with a view of your entire estate – both local and offshore – to ensure that no conflicts, confusion, or omissions occur. In terms of the law of succession, testators and testatrixes in South Africa enjoy the freedom of testation, subject to [.....]

2711, 2021

New SARS approvals on purchasing an annuity at retirement

Nov 27th, 2021|At-Retirement Planning, For Retirement, Investing, Retirement, Tax|

Binding General Ruling (BGR) 58 (issued under section 89 of the Tax Administration Act 28) is now final. It follows the withdrawal of GN 18 and provides that any annuity on retirement must be compulsory, non- commutable, payable for and based on the lifetime of the retiring member or the [.....]

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