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MyPlan Financial Planning Solutions
302, 2022

Challenges, lessons, and emotions of losing a loved one

Feb 3rd, 2022|Funeral, Insurance|

As with so many people across the world, we recently had to deal and must still deal, with the unexpected death of a loved one. As financial advisors, we must assist clients to make sure that their estate planning and financial affairs are in order but when reality hits [.....]

302, 2022

Understanding the need for disability cover

Feb 3rd, 2022|Disability, Insurance|

Today, eighteen years ago, the owners of the World Trade Centre’s twin towers could never have imagined the simultaneous destruction of both towers. In fact, they believed the probability to be so far-fetched that they only ever insured one of the towers. In a similar fashion, most of us [.....]

302, 2022

Buy and sell insurance as a funding mechanism for succession

Feb 3rd, 2022|Buy and Sell Insurance , Estate, Insurance, Succession|

If you are a shareholder in a business, ensuring the ongoing profitability and sustainability of your business in the event of an unforeseeable event will no doubt be a priority for you and your fellow shareholders. Most company shareholders use what is known as buy & sell insurance as [.....]

302, 2022

All Risk Insurance

Feb 3rd, 2022|All Risk, Insurance|

All Risk Insurance policies are broad and all-encompassing types of cover that are designed to be as all-inclusive as possible. Most types of insurance policies are designed to cover assets in specific and predetermined cases of damage or loss. All risk insurance is a type of cover that is [.....]

302, 2022

Choosing your medical aid plan for 2022

Feb 3rd, 2022|Insurance, Medical-Aid|

It’s that time of year when medical scheme members are required to choose their plan options for next year. With 18 open medical schemes and hundreds of plan options to choose from, making a decision can be overwhelming, especially as members are generally not permitted to upgrade during the [.....]

302, 2022

Top-up your health insurance Gap Cover

Feb 3rd, 2022|Gap Cover, Insurance|

If you’ve ever been hospitalised, you’ll probably know what it feels like to be faced with exorbitant medical costs – some of which may not be covered by your medical aid. The difference between what your medical specialist charges and what your medical aid covers – known as the [.....]

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