2012, 2021

Succession: Transferring your wealth to the next generation

Dec 20th, 2021|Estate, Trusts, Wills|

Succession planning should take place holistically and with a view of your entire estate – both local and offshore – to ensure that no conflicts, confusion, or omissions occur. In terms of the law of succession, testators and testatrixes in South Africa enjoy the freedom of testation, subject to [.....]

2711, 2021

New SARS approvals on purchasing an annuity at retirement

Nov 27th, 2021|At-Retirement Planning, For Retirement, Investing, Retirement, Tax|

Binding General Ruling (BGR) 58 (issued under section 89 of the Tax Administration Act 28) is now final. It follows the withdrawal of GN 18 and provides that any annuity on retirement must be compulsory, non- commutable, payable for and based on the lifetime of the retiring member or the [.....]

2511, 2021

The many functions of an estate plan

Nov 25th, 2021|Estate, Trusts, Wills|

A person’s estate is made up of all the assets and liabilities they’ve accumulated during their lifetime and, although estate planning is often perceived as something performed in preparation for death, the reality is estate planning to a large extent involves the optimal structuring and managing of your assets [.....]

1611, 2021

Key decisions to be made at retirement

Nov 16th, 2021|At-Retirement Planning, For Retirement, Investing, Retirement|

The stress that inevitably comes with formal retirement is often exacerbated by the sheer number and complexity of critical decisions that need to be made at the start of this life stage. Importantly, none of the decisions can be made in isolation as they are all inter-connected and form [.....]

2610, 2021

Preservation Funds: Pre-Retirement Investment Vehicles

Oct 26th, 2021|For Retirement, Investing, Pre-Retirement Planning, Retirement|

Preservation funds are specifically designed to preserve accumulated capital which is intended for retirement and make an attractive option for those leaving employment through retrenchment, resignation, or dismissal. However, preservation funds have some unique features and it is, therefore, important to fully understand how they work before opting for [.....]

1910, 2021

Choosing a Living Annuity: What you need to know

Oct 19th, 2021|Investing|

Before purchasing a living annuity, it is important to fully understand what you are signing up for. When retiring from your pension, provident, preservation or retirement annuity fund, legislation requires that you use at least two-thirds of your investment to purchase an annuity income, which is effectively a pension [.....]

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