Financial Planning Fundamentals

Financial Planning Fundamentals

Financial Planning Fundamentals

Planning is the foundation of success. Investment without a plan is like going on a journey without a map. Financial Planning can be viewed as your road map to help achieve your lifestyle goals and objectives. Together with our recommendations, your will be equipped to make confident, informed choices about your short-term goals and long-term future.

Understanding the difference between Financial Planning, and Financial Planning Products.

Simply put, financial planning is not about insurance policies, pension funds or the sum of your investments.

Referred to as financial planning ‘tools’, these financial products are instruments used as part of a sound financial plan to meet current and future financial goals. As such, financial products are pieces of the plan – and as important as they can be, only form part of a strategy and never the whole picture.

Financial Planning is the process of aligning your needs, your values and your personal goals with every aspect of your finances to get a complete picture of where you are now, and where you can get to in the future.

Financial Planning is as much about having matters clear in your mind, as it is about having things clear on paper. The process of planning provides direction and meaning to your financial decisions, and allows you to understand how each decision you make affects other areas of your finances. Only by viewing each financial decision as part of a wider strategy can you consider the short and long-term effects on your goals.

By implementing a suitable financial plan to meet these goals, you will gain control and peace of mind, knowing that you are on track for the future you want for yourself and your family.

Effective financial Planning brings all of these elements together in one coherent, ongoing strategy.


Working with your dedicated financial planning partner.

We understand that financial planning should be a long-term partnership built on trust, mutual respect, a proven process and the best products available in the market. That’s why we believe the benefits of quality financial planning can far outweigh the costs. The key is finding a trusted adviser who will work with you in the long run to help you make the best decisions after considering your needs holistically.



How we help achieve your lifestyle financial goals.

In partnership with Adviceworx, MyPlan Financial Advisors follow the internationally accepted ‘best-practice 6-step’ financial planning process – specifically designed to help ensure your portfolio is structured to meet your long-term needs, and that you stay on track to achieve your desired outcomes and goals. Together, will help you navigate life’s uncertainties, as our holistic approach helps you to see the bigger picture.



Initial free consultation to get a better understanding of your lifestyle financial goals and financial aspirations.



If there is alignment between what you are looking for and what we can deliver we confirm a service level agreement.



Opportunity to get a clear understanding of your current financial position, your lifestyle financial goals and attitude towards investing.



We undertake a comprehensive financial modelling exercise that will keep you on track to reach your lifestyle financial goals. We then present and agree on tailored investment and wealth strategies.



We agree on a financial road map and execute your personalised strategy.



As your trusted financial partner, we will engage on a journey of reviewing, coaching and empowering you towards reaching your lifestyle financial goals.


For tailored financial plans that are as unique as you.

We have no one-size-fits-all when it comes to fees. Our fees are as individualised as our financial plans. We tailor our fees to suit your needs on a pay-as-you-use basis. This flexible approach ensures that you maximise value for only those services rendered.

We don’t believe in hidden costs and all our fees are transparent. The logic behind our fee structure is simple: if you do well, we do well. This approach ensures that our interests are completely aligned and invested in the long-term outcome of your plan.

If you are unhappy with our service you will be free to terminate any offering and associated fees at any point in time, with no penalty or lock-in to you. This is the confidence that we place in our Approved Advice.