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Tax Planning, Structuring & Management

Tax is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind, no matter what facet of financial planning you look at, Estate Planning, Risk Planning, Investment Planning or Income Tax Planning. Tax is an ever changing landscape with legislation changing constantly and at MyPlan we stay abreast of all chances that could possibly have an impact on your portfolio and work with you to put tax efficient structures in place to make sure your money works for you.


When doing any financial transaction, an analysis of the tax implications has to be done. Apart from normal income tax you pay every month and have to do your annual tax return for, there are other forms of tax that you will encounter at some stage of your life, like Capital Gains Tax, Estate Duty, Transfer Duty, Dividend Withholding Tax to name only a few. To manage the risk associated of taxes negatively impacting your assets and provisions, we make use of the following tools and activities.

  • Advice on Personal Income Tax Returns
  • Assessment on the Sale of Assets
  • Investment Income distribution assessment
  • Trusts
  • Companies
  • Estate Planning


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