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My Short Term Insurance Plan

We assess the risk of physical damage to or loss of your assets, typically home contents and vehicles; and implement insurance measures at competitive rates.

Planning tools and activities include:

  • Personal Lines Policies
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Sectional Title Insurance
  • Specialized Building Insurance
  • Contractors/Erection All Risk Insurance
  • Performance Guarantees
  • Plant All Risk Insurance
  • Marine Insurance
1306, 2019

Trusts in a Nutshell

A trust is an agreement between an owner of assets and trustees. In terms of this agreement, the trustees undertake that they will administer the trust's assets with the necessary care [...]

1006, 2019


In my capacity as Fiduciary Attorney and Estate Planner I regularly encounter the question – are trusts still viable tools in the estate planning arena? Are Trusts on the way out? [...]

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