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My Investment Solutions 

Our Investment Philosophy

Our philosophy in financial planning is to give more because you expect more from us. We will therefore gather all relevant information about your personal financial situation to determine your goals, objectives, time horizon, and risk tolerance. We will then develop recommendations for you, based on a thorough analysis. In this process we will uphold your best interests by rendering appropriate advice.

Our Investment Strategy

We believe that, in understanding your goals and objectives we will, by assessing your risk profile follow a strategy that would best suit your needs.
This strategy is determined by careful research taking the following factors into account;

  • Your investment needs, objectives and goals
  • Your time horizon
  • Your appetite for risk (risk profiling)
  • Investment diversification
  • Your state of health and life expectancy
  • Your tax status
  • Your estate planning

Portfolio Construction

At Myplan we have designed three tailor made portfolios;

  • MyPlan – Conservative (CPI + 3)
  • MyPlan – Moderate ( CPI + 5)
  • MyPlan – Assertive (CPI + 7)

Each of these portfolios are carefully structured based on state of the art research. Our findings produced the guidelines for diversification and selection amongst the various asset classes, available funds and fund managers. We continually  re-balance  each portfolio with the exact weighting on each asset class as changes in the investment marketplace determines.

The Myplan Process

When you feel comfortable we start the process by investing your money either directly or phasing it into your pre-determined plan. We will then invite you to regular reviews to monitor your investment performance.

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