Meet Our Team

Our team consists of Jan Vermaak, Peet Liebenberg and Riecus Liebenberg, assisted by Annet Vermaak, Karin Rossouw, Marieta Liebenberg and Zelda Botha.

Jan Vermaak
Jan Vermaak Financial Planner
Jan Vermaak is a Financial Services Advisor FSA™ and is an admitted attorney. Jan joined the industry in 1993. Jan has a passion for business assurance and estate planning. Jan also practices Fiduciary Law under the name Jan Vermaak Attorneys.
Peet Liebenberg
Peet Liebenberg Financial Planner
Peet Liebenberg is a Certified Financial Planner CFP®. Peet has a passion for financial planning in the professional and business markets. Peet joined the financial services industry in 1986 and specialises in employee benefits and employer group solutions.
Riecus Liebenberg
Riecus Liebenberg Financial Planner
Riecus Liebenberg is a Certified Financial Planner CFP® and Registered Tax Practitioner, with a post graduate diploma in Financial Planning. Riecus joined the industry in 2006 with a passion for financial lifestyle planning. Specialising in Risk Management, Estate & Investment Planning, Riecus is dedicated towards assisting clients in protecting their family’s lifestyle and achieving their financial goals.